Dr. Cara Flamer, BSc, M.D., CCFP – Toronto, ON

Cara Flamer, M.D.
Cara Flamer, M.D.

Integrative Medical Doctor, Family Physician & Speaker

Past Seminars Given by Dr. Flamer:

•    Courageous Living : Achieving Hormone Balance, 2010
•    Health and Aging, from a Women’s Perspective, 2012
•    The Power Body Weekend, 2012
•    The Total Health Show: Kabbalah and Medicine, 2013
•    The Have it All Womens’ Weekend: What it REALLY means to have it all, 2013

Dr. Cara Flamer is a family doctor with a passion for “wholistic” health. Her area of focus is bio-identical hormone restoration and wellness for proactive aging.

She began her training initially with renowned integrative gynecologist Dr. Alvin Pettle and then subsequently completed additional training in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine through the University of South Florida College of Medicine.

Dr. Flamer completed her training in family medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital through the University of Toronto. During her residency, Dr. Flamer began to develop her strong passion for Integrative Medicine, a field of medicine which integrates many streams of proven healing modalities. She began studying an ancient form of spirituality and cultivated her understanding of the role of consciousness and thoughts in health. After learning about bioidentical hormones and cultivating an expertise in this area, her goal was to blend together all that she had learned into an approach that would be used to help people heal at the deepest level.

Dr. Flamer has worked with thousands of women to help restore hormonal balance and quality of life. She uses advanced integrative testing such as saliva and urine testing in addition to blood testing to obtain the most accurate and comprehensive picture of what is at the root cause of her patients’ symptoms. Her goal is to ensure that all of the needed micronutrients and hormones are present in adequate amounts to ensure that her patient’s can age as well as possible.

Dr. Flamer’s primary passion is to empower people with knowledge about their state of health that can be used to either address their symptoms or prevent future illness. She enjoys giving educational seminars to spread awareness of pro-active aging medicine and bio-identical hormone restoration, as well as in depth one-on-one education to her patients during their visits. Currently Dr. Flamer works at GSH Medical where she has a practice in bio-identical hormones and proactive aging medicine.

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