Dr. Cara Flamer, BSc, M.D., CCFP

Dr. Cara Flamer
Dr. Cara Flamer

Dr. Cara Flamer is a family doctor with a passion for helping people address their health with personalized, proactive medicine.

Since graduating from her residency in family medicine at Mount Sinai hospital in Toronto, she has pursued a variety of additional training in order to help her patients address the root cause of their symptoms. Being open to a variety of healing modalities, her first venture off the beaten track was to acquire her Reiki attunments. She practiced energy medicine and Reiki in her office for a short period of time, before being asked by her patients to explore bioidentical hormones. The request from a few of her patients combined with the gap she perceived in the conventional medical model for addressing women’s hormonal health in a holistic way, lead her to study bio-identical hormones with renowned gynecologist Dr. Alvin Pettle. She fell in love with bio-identical hormones and how effective they were at helping women, and she pursued further training in bio-identical hormones and advanced endocrinology through the Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine fellowship (University of South Florida College of Medicine).

Dr. Flamer continued to pursue her interest in energy medicine modalities- out of both personal interest and as another way to help her patients. She became certified in PSYCH-K and the Emotion Code.

She currently has a practice in bio-identical hormones, helping to restore hormonal balance to women of all ages and men in andropause.

While Dr. Flamer’s focus is on bio-identical hormones and ensuring that her patients receive personalized and well-monitored treatments, she also is passionate about helping her patients age in the best way possible. Her vision is that her pateints will achieve greater health with each advancing year of their life. She uses advanced testing and nutritional treatment protocols to help with this.

Seminars Given by Dr. Flamer

  • Courageous Living : Achieving Hormone Balance, 2010
  • Health and Aging, from a Women’s Perspective, 2012
  • The Power Body Weekend, 2012
  • The Total Health Show: Kabbalah and Medicine, 2013
  • The Have it All Womens’ Weekend: What it REALLY means to have it all, 2013

In order to truly be healthy, we must recognize that health is not just physical. There are spiritual, mental, emotional, and energetic aspects to being completely healthy. Someone can take the best supplements, have their hormones balanced, and have perfect scores on their blood tests yet still be unhealthy and at risk for disease. There needs to be an alignment of body, mind and spirit for the body to thrive. Emotions, thoughts, and subconscious beliefs systems must also be acknowledged and optimized if true and lasting health is your goal.” -Dr. Cara Flamer

Services offered by Dr. Cara Flamer in Toronto, Ontario
  • Hormone balancing
  • Bioidentical hormones
  • Naturopathic supplements
  • Salivary hormone testing
  • Thyroid health
  • Breast Thermography
  • Food sensitivity testing
  • Naturopathic medicine
  • Integrative Health Sessions
  • Far InfraRed Sauna
  • Intravenous and Injectable Vitamins

Her goal is simple: to help you be healthier and happier with each new year of your life.

Call Dr. Cara Flamer of GSH Medical in Toronto today to learn how she can bring your hormones back into balance.